We create effective anti-vibration speaker stands for professional and home-studios

Our Lunar Decoupling Platforms were born from the intention to create a beautiful product that would immediately improve the quality of the listening and the definition of the low-end sound.

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Lunar absorbs most of the vibrations caused by your speakers

You will immediately notice a general improvement in the quality of listening and the definition of low-end sound. Long sessions in front of your monitors will be therefore more comfortable.
The resonances of other materials, for example the desk and floor, will be drastically reduced and the vibrations cut. Thus making your neighbour happier, especially in Home Studios.

We use a double technique to obtain such decoupling

The superior damping coefficient of the Sorbothane, and the anti-vibration properties of the mounting system.

All of our modules are laser-cut and made with the best quality of birch plywood, plexiglas, Sorbothane, water-based varnish and natural oil. The assembly and finish are hand-made with love.

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Lunar comes in two different sizes and colours

The use of Sorbothane in our design is measured in accordance with the weight of your speakers. If the weight of your speaker differs from our offer, please contact us. We will gladly find an appropriate solution to your sound system.